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Mobile app

Tulsy aims to raise citizens’ awareness regarding the risks associated with essential oils via a dedicated innovative mobile app.

Via this mobile application, any user will be able to create a profile and search for synergies blends based on his/her medical condition, his/her symptoms and essential oils that the person wants to use. Only results that do not present any contraindications for the user in question will be displayed, which will limit the risks for the user. Once the synergy is selected, the user can see how to achieve it with the list of ingredients needed, the list of risks, the steps to follow, as well as the name of the health professional who proposed this synergy blend.

The mobile application will then ask the user after a few days, his/her feelings after the use of this synergy. Given the feedback given, the results of research will be refined. For example, if a user indicates having an allergy following the use of a synergy blend, the ingredients used will be excluded from the next search results.